The Ottó Blockchain will help partners and developers power up for PL^Gnet, and advance our mission to make DeFi safe and easy. You can benefit by premining Ottó tokens.

Welcome back PLUG Power Rangers.

Today we’d like to share the next stage of our journey toward mainnet launch.

A secure, fast and simple place to build

To help…

The first three PLUG farming pools are ready to launch

Good morning PLUG Power Rangers!

We’re ready to pool our powers and earn PLUG:

About the Pools

Our first pools give you three ways to power up on your PLUG.

  1. Stake PLUG to earn more PLUG
  2. Add USDC Liquidity to earn PLUG

PL^GNet takes DeFi participation to a whole new level via blended finance — giving the customers of centralised asset custodians safe access to DeFi products.

Participation in DeFi today is limited by safety concerns

One of the biggest limitations on DeFi growth is safety.

Customer concerns fall into three areas:

  • Worry that they might lose assets by losing their…

A key part of staking is knowing you can trust the contract code. We engaged world-leading crypto contract reviewers Hacken to assess our PL^G rewards smart contracts, and they gave us top marks!

Hi again PL^G power rangers!

As you know, we’re spinning up our awesome PL^G staking rewards program…

This post has been updated to reflect the new changes in the UNISWAP interface, and the availability of a PLUG/USDC Pool.

TL;DR: You can stake NOW to the liquidity pools in UNIv2, to be ready for PL^G Staking Rewards!

Add liquidity for PLUG/ETH here, and add liquidity for PLUG/USDC here.

Hello Plug Power Rangers, DeFi advocates, and decentralised technology partners and friends! We’re pleased to share the next step on our journey: PL^Gnet.

What is PL^Gnet?

PL^Gnet is an advanced Multi-Chain Synthetic Assets Protocol.

We’ve built it to provide three core benefits: the ability for asset holders to mint synthetic…

Phil Williams

Technology Strategist at Centrality and PL^G. Advisor to CarbonClick, Iomob, and MedWorld. Decentralised technology is the future.

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